What Other Information is Available About Me From DSS?

In the majority of cases, people are primarily interested in the information about themselves found in the OPM investigative file. However, certain other types of information may be available, although whether any of this additional information exists is unique to each case. An example of other types of information may include, but is not limited to:

Disclosure Information: That is, records of whether your investigative file or information about your file has ever been released to another agency;

Industrial Clearance Information: If you have a security clearance because you work for a company that has placed you on a DOD contract requiring a clearance, then the record of that clearance is the property of and may be released to you by DSS.

General Information: In many instances, DSS/OPM may be able to answer general questions concerning investigations and clearances. If they can’t, they may be able to direct you to a person, office or agency that can.