Who We Help

Organizations Requiring Secure Space

Our industrial security expertise enables us to assess physical risks and deliver the secure environments that you require and that meet government accreditation standards as necessary. Because of our broad experience across the Intelligence Community agencies, SDG possesses critical insights into the design and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). We apply this knowledge in the construction of our gypsum, mobile and modular SCIF products, as well as through our consulting services on gypsum SCIF construction projects, for government and commercial organizations.

Architectural Firms and General Contractors

The design and installation of a SCIF can be a challenging, expensive and disruptive process. Many architectural firms and general contractors do not have experience working with a broad range of government agencies on cleared projects. As a result, they also lack an understanding of these agencies’ unique security requirements, and how best to ensure accreditation is received.

SDG’s central role within the Industrial Security Industry equips us with the experience and expertise necessary to assess physical security needs, and to design SCIF spaces to meet your clients’ requirements and those of their government agency partners. We assist you through every step of the process – from design through documentation and accreditation.

Commercial Real Estate Owners, Brokers, and Managers

Commercial real estate is increasingly challenged to provide secure work space for government and contracting organizations. SDG is uniquely equipped to assess the suitability of existing space and provide the most cost-effective solutions to meet security requirements.

Businesses Seeking Federal Security Clearances

Many companies are ill-equipped to meet the challenges involved in achieving and maintaining NISP compliance in the areas of personnel clearance, FCL processing, educational materials and records maintenance. SDG understands the rules and requirements placed on businesses that are pursuing or possess cleared contracts with the Federal Government. Our Security staff has years of FSO experience supporting hundreds of clients across a variety of government agencies.

We can prepare your organization for security audits and reviews – reducing the complexity and concerns involved with meeting those challenges. We assist our clients in the creation and maintenance of a stronger, more robust and economical security program with policy, process and procedures compliance.

Organizations Seeking Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) Compliance Assistance

Foreign ownership does not have to preclude a company from obtaining a favorable facility clearance determination. SDG offers a practical and systematic approach to FOCI management, process, documentation, and compliance issues. Because of our deep understanding of the FOCI process, we can provide reliable guidance on ways to effectively mitigate associated risk.