SCIF Products & Services

Our industrial security expertise enables us to assess physical risks and deliver the secure environments that you require and that meet government accreditation standards as necessary. Because of our broad experience across the Intelligence Community agencies, SDG possesses critical insights into the design and construction of SCIFs. We apply this knowledge in the construction of our turnkey, mobile and modular SCIF products, as well as through our consulting on gypsum SCIF construction projects.

In addition to building CONEX-based SCIFs in our own secure facility, SDG has also developed a proprietary alternative to typical gypsum SCIF construction. Our Secure Panel System provides organizations with a customizable, modular solution that delivers full compliance with DCID 6/9, ICD 705 and TEMPEST standards. It also delivers substantial flexibility regarding design, construction, installation, accreditation, and repurposing. Our Secure Panel System can be used to temporarily retrofit existing space, or applied as finished wall treatments for more permanent applications.

All our clients receive a complete SCIF Accreditation Package that includes a pre-accreditation checklist and supporting documentation to help ensure timely certification of their SCIF. Additional physical security products and service offerings include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Peripheral Security
  • Intrusion Detection and Access Control Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Acoustical & RF EMI Protection
  • Facility Control and Inspection
  • Processes, Procedures and Training
  • Network Systems & IT Security Engineering, Installation & Migration
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual SCIF Maintenance Program Audits
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Services (TSCM)

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SCIF Consulting Services

Modular – Secure Panel Systems

Mobile – CONEX Containers