Organizations hoping to obtain cleared contracts with federal agencies must first comply with the higher security standards detailed in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) guidelines and gain facility security clearance designation from the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO). While the business opportunities associated with cleared federal contracts are extensive, many companies find themselves overwhelmed by the process of obtaining a facility clearance and complying with the requirements referenced above.

You know your business – it is the expertise that you and your team possess. SDG’s security expertise covers the varied actions you need to take, and the processes you need to establish, to operate on classified federal programs. We allow you to focus on your corporate strengths while our team applies its intimate understanding of the rules and regulations of federal government agencies to ensure your security programs meet the necessary standards.

Because SDG has over a decade’s worth of experience supporting hundreds of contractors each year, we possess vast institutional knowledge of the issues that can arise and the steps to be taken to address them. For our small and mid-sized business customers, we provide the breadth of our collective expertise at a meaningful discount to the cost of employing a single full-time FSO on your staff. The success achieved and the satisfaction delivered by SDG has resulted in more than 75% of our new clients being referred by existing customers.

All our clients benefit directly from of our experience as we help them fulfill a host of security requirements by providing:

Similarly, our deep experience in the design and manufacture of SCIFs and secure rooms sets SDG apart from general construction companies that are ill-equipped to ensure that your SCIF meets all the requirements necessary to be accredited without issue or delay. We have participated in the construction of hundreds of SCIFs for government agencies, federal contractors and commercial companies.

SDG offers a turnkey solution for organizations looking for a mobile, secure platform. Our team retrofits shipping containers (CONEX) with the latest technologies and security components to meet your specifications and the requisite standards to make certain your SCIF’s approval is received in the most timely manner possible.

Should circumstances call for a more flexible design, SDG’s proprietary, panel-based modular SCIF solution allows you to have your SCIF prefabricated to meet your unique requirements as well as the necessary government standards without the delays, expenses and disruptions that inevitably accompany a fixed, gypsum installation. Our modular SCIFs also allow you to incrementally expand, modify, or even relocate your SCIF with a fraction of the effort and cost.

If your requirements call for a permanent installation, our team works with yours – architect, landlord, and/or end user – as necessary to review your design, handle the construction or oversee your general contractor, and help you document the process to make certain your SCIF’s approval is received in the most timely manner possible.