Is There any DSS/OPM/DISCO Information I May Not Have?

Both the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act permit DSS/OPM/DISCO to exclude information release. Since each investigation is unique, there are an unlimited number of possibilities as to what may be withheld from an individual investigation, however, most of the information falls into one of these three general areas: Information that pertains to another person and release of which would, in OPM’s opinion, constitute a violation of their privacy, will be withheld. Information which is currently and properly classified will be withheld. Information that may tend to identify a source to whom DSS/OPM/DISCO has granted an express promise of confidentiality will be withheld. If OPM/DICSO receives your request for your investigation and OPM has a current case open on you, they will not release any information from that current case so long as it is open. DSS/OPM routinely checks for completion of the case and will forward the releasable portions to you as soon as they are able.

If there are prior closed OPM investigations DISCO will, at your request, consider them for release to you while awaiting the current case to be completed and closed.

In certain instances, OPM/DICSO encounters medical information that they do not have the expertise to evaluate for release. In those situations, OPM will withhold the information and request you to provide them with the name and address of a physician to whom you wish the records sent, so they may be fully and correctly explained to you.