Physical Security

Technical Security Countermeasures Services (TSCM)

Information, whether classified or corporate proprietary, is targeted by various threats. Government and private companies should be aware of the potential for illicit information gathering and the technologies used to obtain sensitive information. If a risk is suspected, appropriate action should be taken immediately. Precautions against compromise and infiltration should be implemented on a continuous basis.

A thorough evaluation of threat and risk factors is needed to determine if professional TSCM services are required. Organizational awareness should be maintained even if no compromise has been identified.

Our highly experienced TSCM team provides physical and technology tests, surveys and services using a full range of the most sophisticated countermeasure equipment available.

Our technicians have the expertise to thoroughly and professionally analyze, evaluate, report and advise on existing and potential risks, breeches and fortification gaps. We will recommend actions necessary to correct the risks, shore up weaknesses, or halt an active breech in security.

Our services are available for both government and private companies and include:

Our technicians are equipped to test:

Our TSCM services can be integrated with our various product offerings to provide additional risk protection for before, during and after secure space build outs. We also provide convention center, conference room and executive suite preventative protection sweeps.