Squadron Security News: PSII Delays for Industry

We have begun to see with increased frequency from the CAF in response to our RRU inquiries to conduct an initial check.
“PSMO-I ask for your patience as DSS works under the limitations of the personnel Security investigations for Industry (PSIIs) Budget for fiscal year 2016. As a result, DSS has had to limit the number of investigation request (EQIP) submitted to the Office of Personnel Management to stay within its budget authority. We have received the EQIP and will process the request in the order it’s received. WE appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. For further reference information concerning Investigation Requests, Incident Reports, RRU actions, and Personnel Security Investigations, please refer to the official DSS website at http://www.dss.mil.”
While there is much to say about the delays in eQIP processing of the cleared industrial base, we have learned the governments processing of clearances has also decreased. At recent government and industry events, government representatives disclosed the delays in processing of security clearances.
Please also note that this year is an election year. As in previous election years, we anticipate extreme delays and perhaps a stoppage of clearances processing until such time the government has caught up to the backlog that currently exits.

SDG Recommendations:
1. Immediately contact your SDG security support specialist to submit any requests for Personnel Security Investigations to get in the queue as soon as possible.
2. Plan, Plan, Plan – Anticipate delays for the granting of interim eligibility and avoid relying on the interim eligibility for new employees. Possibly look to hire those who are cleared and in-scope.
3. Aggressively track submitted requests for Personnel Security Investigations. Submit RRU’s as needed to ensure none slip through the cracks. Your SDG security specialist can take on this added burden.