Richard Ray

Security Services Manager/Corporate Trainer

Richard has been a part of the SDG team for over a decade. A veteran of the US Navy, he began his career in security over fifteen years ago as an Access Control System installer and physical security specialist. Richard was promoted from within while working for a large government contractor to become a Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Since joining SDG, Richard has helped hundreds of government contractors maintain their facility and personnel security clearances. He’s our resident expert on JPAS, DOHA cases and is the head of our third party auditing team, where he is responsible for ensuring our clients are NIPSOM, DD-254, GCA and DCSA compliant. In this role, Richard has helped our clients receive Commendable scores or higher on a consistent basis.

Richard also serves as the lead instructor for SDG’s FSO training classes and assists clients with issues related to FOCI mitigation procedures.